Spectral Evolution

This is a defining moment, a new album and a new space. The “third phase” is here.
“Spectral Evolution imbues the ambiance of jazz harmony-inspired interplay with dense electronic mass in a new expanding universe.”

Space Quartet’s Last Set

The last appearance by Space Quartet was at Out.Fest in Barreiro, June 2021. The quartet was in top shape and the music flowed exceptionally well that evening. The natural sound on stage and in the room allowed for a sharper focus and the energy from the

Space Quartet releases vynil LP

I’m very happy to announce the first Space Quartet release on vinyl. Freedom of Tomorrow is already out on Clean Feed on Digital, CD and LP. It was recorded in…

New release: Music for Film

During the long process that has been studying and working on Spectral Evolution, the defining album of my “third phase”, director Pedro Cabeleira invited me to record original music for…

New video

Commissioned performance for Semibreve Festival in Braga, October 2021. “Time Bridges” displays some of the new (including old) directions i am pursuing…

Harmonic Series 3

Harmonic Series 3, the portable installation version, is now released by Noise Precision Library and available as a limited CD edition of 100 copies.

Spring 2021 News

Notícias desta Primavera: É com grande entusiasmo que anuncio as próximas datas e acontecimentos: Dia 16 de Abril, na galeria Appleton Square, estreia do novo video Truth, com outra estreia,…

Directions by Space Quartet out on Clean Feed

From the new “Directions” studio album by Space Quartet, out on Clean Feed.

Rafael Toral: acoustic and electronic feedback.
Hugo Antunes: double bass.
Nuno Morão: drums and percussion.
Nuno Torres: alto saxophone, electronic instrument.

Under the Sun by Space Quartet

I am happy, excited, honored and grateful for releasing Under the Sun today. It’s the first release with this Space Quartet line-up, recorded in a period of intense activity at…

Jupiter and Beyond – New release

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the second collaboration with percussionist and cymbalsmith João Pais Filipe, Jupiter and Beyond. It’s released on three:four from Lausanne and now it’s available…