Open Space

A Space Program Retrospective. As i have walked far enough away from it now, here is the time to pause, turn around, and look back at the whole thing. Every…

Constellation in Still Time

I am very happy to announce the release of Constellation in Still Time, the new album that contains AER 7 G, a piece from 1992, probably the most accomplished and…

Live Tapes (1990 – 2003)

New release of archive tapes, including a rare guitar improvised set at the Empty Bottle, Chicago, and live recordings of AE 1 and 2, recorded 28 years ago. The only…

New online release

LIVE IN LISBON, with Tatsuya Nakatani and John Edwards. I’m very happy to release this recording from 2009 with these two stellar musicians. We played two concerts, both very intense….

SATURN dates in Portugal

Berlin – summary of the dBs session

From otherworldly music to fascinating philosophy, our recent On the Couch session with innovative composer and performer Rafael Toral blew our minds.

Rewind and Fast Forward

This is MAY 2018 – two, no, three! major releases are coming out nearly at the same time! A debut and a debut reissue, two new beginnings. The newest one…


The new Saturn CD is out. It is a duo with drummer/ percussionist João Pais Filipe, recorded live. “From the jazz-rock groove opening to the metallic drone ambiance on bells,…

US 2017 Fall Tour

I am looking forward to being back in the US, home to so many great friends, generous people and amazing music. Come over and say hello! SEPTEMBER 2017 Rafael Toral/…

50th Anniversary

August 19, 2017, is my 50th anniversary!