Space Quartet’s Last Set

The Space Quartet’s Last Set was also the best ever.

Last Set’s cover, photography by Pedro Roque.

Under the working conditions and possibilities of these times, the Space Quartet has reached as far as it possibly could. Going further (or higher, perhaps) would require at this point unaffordable energy and logistics. I have realized it some time ago (during work with its recent short-lived expansion, the Space Sextet) but i’d like to announce this with a farewell gift, one i’m really happy to bring you now:

The last appearance by Space Quartet was at Out.Fest in Barreiro, June 2021. The quartet was in top shape and the music flowed exceptionally well that evening. The natural sound on stage and in the room allowed for a sharper focus and the energy from the audience was intense and positive. Not only the multi-track recording turned out to be impeccable, with the mix highlighting the auditorium’s excellent acoustics, but the festival team also organized video documentation with four cameras, which has now been assembled (with a special audio mix for the video) and made publicly available. It is a beautiful way to witness how a Space Quartet performance looked like, as the quartet traveled very little outside Portugal.

I am grateful for the audiences, musicians, friends, labels and promoters who helped the Space Quartet moving forward.

See you soon,
Rafael Toral