Free Jazz

A weird but very enjoyable sonic environment is the end result, carefully crafted, full of emotional tension and opening new directions for music in a clever and creative way.

Monsieur Délire

De la superbe, de la classe, une écoute exigente qui récompense l’effort.


Like it or not, Miguel is most assuredly on to something here, which is a notion that parallels the promotional notes, stating his John Cage influences. Indeed, the subversive flair, asymmetrical currents and darkly woven fabrics of sound, intrinsically taunt the mind’s eye.

A Trompa

É novo e merece ser comemorado.


The character of this music is incredibly tricky to pinpoint, and Toral’s work seems to take inspiration from free-jazz as much as it does the extreme edges of electronic music.

OMG Vinyl

Joined by a metric shitload of genius musicians, Toral’s new record is a wild exercise in jazz and electronics.

Cyclic Defrost

This is weird, intelligent, and convincing music.

Age of Everything

new jazz has emerged in an unexpected place. This time Lisbon is where it’s at.

Sentireascoltare (Italiano)

Lo spazio del suono
by Vincenzo Santarcangelo, Sara Bracco, May 2009

The Wire

the sounds are beautifully executed with immaculate precision and intimately recorded.