ルするための一つの手段であるような気もします。せわしなく動き回ることを余儀なくされる、今のような社会の中では こういった音楽は本当に貴重な存在だなと思います。

Vital Weekly

Described by the label as the first Portuguese ambient record. Toral uses guitars, bass and sampler to create, i must admit, a classical sensed ambient record. editorial review

Toral’s manipulation of digital glitches on “Loopability I” foreshadows the work of artists like Pole and Oval, and he evokes the calmof a Zen rock garden on the generously proportioned “AER 7 E,” which arises out of an exquisite latticework of decaying harmonics.

New York Press

Resounding frequencies overlap and gyrate, wiggling their way inside your body. The notes, tones, and clusters of guitar-induced and effects-generated notes reverberate amongst each other. It almost sounds underwater:

Chicago Reader

Despite widespread indifference in his native land, Lisbon-based Rafael Toral has released a series of CDs that push the boundaries of musical genres as well as the limits of his instrument, establishing him as one of the most gifted and innovative guitarists of the decade.

All music guide

his soundscapes are thoroughly ambient textures, but with a rock-guitar background that separates them from electronically based ambient projects

Media Nugget

It sounds like a liquid distillation of My Bloody Valentine’s revelatory Loveless (the cover is an homage to that record), and has the heady, soundscape qualities of No Pussyfooting by Fripp and Eno, except that it’s more lush, more beautiful, and thoroughly modern-sounding.

Chicago Reader

Too dirty to call ambient, too gentle to call industrial, Toral’s unique sound entails a static investigation of space and volume.

Retro Noise

I’m suprised Rafael Toral’s name isn’t currently more prominent in…well, in any musical circles, but especially noise and improv. I still hear about him from time to time, and he’s clearly still pretty active, but I don’t know, it just feels like he should be talked about more.


Wave Field est une multitude de vagues sonores déferlantes, de timbres dérivants l’un sur l’autre. Le guitariste portugais surdoué nous entraine sur des mouvements ondulatoires surprenants.