Open Space

A Space Program Retrospective.

As i have walked far enough away from it now, here is the time to pause, turn around, and look back at the whole thing.
Every album in the Space Program had some tracks that i found somehow touched a higher level. When i put them together, i was surprised that this collection of such “pearls” offered a view of consistency and accuracy, in form and spirit, that is superior to any of these albums. In this view — of its, well, “open space” — the Space Program as a whole appears to have been a greater accomplishment than i formerly believed it was.

Although i have been “turning the page” since 2017, i would like to offer you Open Space as a lens to look back at the Space Program with me, already with Moon Field and Saturn in the landscape as transitional records, and before i enter new recording projects reintroducing the guitar, or sail ahead with the most advanced findings of the Space Program as they live on in the Space Quartet.