Vital Weekly

Toral is a guitarist who has gained some recognition, mainly through his collaborations with Thurston Moore and Jim O’Rourke. His solo material shows a great interest in fields, soundfields, soundpatterns or what shall we call it: long stretched tones, usually played by the guitar, and that have little changes going round. Not entirely ambient, not entirely improvised, certainly not jumpy going back and forth. The two pieces on this CD are made with just feedback (not uncommonly to use for a guitarist, I’d say looking a history). Not sound is fed into the machines, it’s sound feeding itself with more sound. But more is less here. Both pieces (which certainly don’t sound the same!) evolve slowly, probably without moving. I am reminded of a roman catholic ritual were they make two steps forward and then one back: this music is kinda like that. Whenever it goes forward, it seems to be going backward at the same time. And just before that, and just after that. If you are with us for a long time, you know I simply just like this kind of work.