Token (1999)

Slow to develop, this beguiling music luxuriates in its own ample space. All of the musicians do come together for the final piece, the most spaced-out wah-wah blues you’ll ever hear. A very satisfying recording which gains in impact each time it is played. (Rubberneck)

Ananana, PPP001 (2CD, 1999)

disc 1

real dancer suite:
01. ouverture 01:44
02. air 02:37
03. gavotte 06:48
04. courante 03:55
05. menuet 10:57

06. infinitely 01:36
07. blue/ flame 02:52
08. cube magic (visible sides) 07:47

the ring:
09. the ring_for one mixed cello 31:25

disc 2
01. Twilight 08:10
02. Bride Pride 08:10

personnel (in order of appearance):

Menina do Tambor:  blocks, cabaza, lead luna

Monsieur Trinité: agogo, chimes

Rodrigo Amado: baritone sax

Pedro “chuva” Bretes: electric bass

Rute Praça: cello

Fala Mariam: trombone

Rafael Toral: virtuoso cricket mixed alive, theremin, dustchord

Bernardo Devlin: voices

César Burago:   low tempered djembé

Luís Desirat:  electronic drums

Manuel Mota:  electric guitar

Rui Fingers:  electric guitar

Mimi:  singer

Luís San-Payo:  big luna

João Parrinha: bongos

Sei Miguel: trumpet