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May 04, 2022


NPL 043

Music for Film

During the long process that has been studying and working on Spectral Evolution, the defining album of my “third phase”, director Pedro Cabeleira invited me to record original music for his new short film in the summer of 2021. He gave me total freedom to experiment new things, and the soundtrack would not necessarily have a direct connection to the plot. In fact, it was recorded before shooting began, only having read the script. Music for Film shows some of the materials i’ve been working with at the time of recording, and there’s quite a bit of overlap with Spectral Evolution (in spite of the latter being a much more ambitious project), namely a more elaborate use of harmony (although the tracks on this album are mostly variations from the same chord sequence), the use of guitars with a drone sound – pretty much a Sound Mind Sound Body kind of sound – and bass. There’s more to it, but for now i’m very happy to have these tracks to share with you now.

Digital-only release, available only on Bandcamp.