Harmonic Series 2 (2004)

“It must be a heady thing to be capable of summoning such beauty. While I give Toral credit for taking the gutsy artistic path of putting his facility aside after he’s perfected it, I’m glad that he left this artifact of his explorations.” (Dusted)

Headz (Tokyo, Japan), Headz 24 (CD, 2004)

Track List:
1 Harmonic Series 2 42′ 18″

Since i have always been involved with the inner structures of sound, working with the harmonic series comes as a natural move, since harmonics are well known to guitarists. Thus, inspired by Fourier’s theory, i chose to work with the most basic element of sound synthesis, the sinewave.
Harmonic Series is my first project using the computer as a musical instrument. Using with the computer is a development of my work with analog modular systems and it’s part of an ongoing process, of changing my whole approach to both composition and performance. While doing so, i also take the opportunity to distance myself from some common approaches to computer music performance and production.

Rafael Toral
Lisboa, November 2003