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Early Works (2002)

“Early Works predates the drone aesthetic of Sound Mind Sound Body, while its precision in ambient soundscapes is not far removed from that defining brilliant Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance” (Dusted).

Tomlab (Köln, Germany), tom19 (CD, 2002)

Tracks (1 – 5) recorded between 1987 and 1990 on 4-track cassette in Sesimbra and Lisboa, Portugal.
(6) Recorded in 1990 on 8-track open reel tape at Noise Precision, Lisboa. (Thanks to Nuno Rebelo).


Sand Precision is a modular and fully scored piece for electric guitar, bass and prepared acoustic guitar.

Cover: Early painting by Rafael Toral (an experiment in visual scores).

notes by rafael toral
Having completed Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance, i found myself drawing a continuous line going back in time some 15 years. These early pieces are at the other end of that line. At the time of recording them, i was far from dreaming i would ever release records at all. I found them of little value then, but under the light of all my following works, from Sound Mind Sound Body through Wave Field and Cyclorama Lift to Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance, they stand out as having paved the way for all this music.
Rafael Toral, December 2001