release date:

November 30, 2019

  • AER 7 G

Angélica V. Salvi: Harp (I, IV, V, VI)
Joana Bagulho: Clavinet (II, III, IV, V)
Joana Gama: Piano (III, IV, V, VI)
Luís Bittencourt: Vibraphone (I, II, V, VI)
Rafael Toral: Computer Sinewaves (I, II, III, VI)
Riccardo Dillon Wanke: Rhodes Piano (I, II, III, IV)

I 00'00"
II 11'54"
III 24'00"
IV 36'00"
V 48'00"
VI 60'00"

Constellation in Still Time (2019)

AER 7 G 72:35

Written and Produced by Rafael Toral.

Recorded on location at Noise Precision Mobile, February and March 2019.
Thank you: Rute Praça, Marcelo dos Reis, Fundação Lapa do Lobo, João Paulo Feliciano, all the musicians.
Mixed and mastered at Noise Precision Regada.

© 1992 – 2019 Rafael Toral
℗ 2019 Room 40


Sample of AER 7‘s score (guitar version)

AER 7 is a piece from 1992, featured in my debut album Sound Mind Sound Body (1994) as AER 7 E for guitar. AER 7 G is a version of the same piece with various instruments.

Having departed from Ambient music in the early 2000's towards a more vulnerable and active stance with the jazz-inspired electronics of the Space Program, which was in turn completed in 2017, i now find myself entering what appears to be a "third phase", finding a global need to stop and step back more, and becoming more inclusive in my practice - namely of somehow integrating information from my first period. While i don't intend to resume making music as back in those days but to synthesize new forms, it's in this context that it makes sense for me to produce this album now, idealized when the piece was written 27 years ago.

To me, AER 7 G is a melodic generator. It has a core 12 minute structure written in a way that produces unpredictable results, to be played by four musicians. Each 12 minute period is performed by a different combination of instruments in different iterations. There are 6 such iterations, the total duration being around 72 minutes.

Rafael Toral, August 2019