Recording studio with flatstone walls, superb, clear acoustics.

NP studio IMG_5185

Noise Precision Mobile Recording — 24 channels of Focusrite preamps and respective microphone splitters (for live recording and PA), for high quality 24-bit multitrack recording of live performances.


The following microphones are also available:
5 Oktava MK-012 (2 cardioid matched pairs, 1 with more capsules)
2 AKG CK-93 hypercardioid
1 Sennheiser MD 421
1 Sennheiser MD 441
2 Sennheiser e606
1 Sennheiser e902
1 Shure SM 57


Noise Precision Mastering — Many years of experience and a deep understanding of sound. No fancy tube compressors, but an obssessive passion for detail. For LP, CD, Cassette or other formats.


I also can offer integrated production: professional recording, editing, mixing and mastering, plus artistic consultancy.
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