OMG Vinyl

This collection of albums features Toral burning through some completely way-out improvisational, experimental jazz. The entire record is pretty far left of conventional, but it’s sure exciting to listen to.


“Vol. III” klingt noch selbstbewusster als die beiden Vorgänger, und das Zusammenspiel mit anderen Instrumenten – diesmal sind es überwiegend Schlagzeug und Perkussion – wirkt immer selbstverständlicher.


At this juncture in the Space Program’s evolution, Vol. III is notable not for its bracingly new and novel sound, but for how easily and naturally Toral is able to mesh his sound with that of his collaborators.

Dusted (Reissue 2011)

What music as rich and subtle as Toral’s teaches us on Violence… is that just because we don’t have the words ready or the tools at hand to describe and interpret the sounds, it doesn’t mean we should put off the search.


Der dritte Band der „Space Elements“ setzt die programmatische Mission des Rafael Toral fort. Alles klingt klar, überraschend und zutiefst motiviert.


When he strikes up a uniformity with the other instruments (as with a collection of bells on ‘III.III’) it sounds like little else I’ve come across. Recommended.

Bad Alchemy

Er beamt mit diesen elektrisch-elektronischen Geräuschemachern die Phantasie in ein außerirdisches Vogelparadies, bewohnt von Vogelautomaten oder Automatenvögeln, die zwitschern und knarren, jaulen und schnarren, kollern und heulen wie nichts von dieser Welt.


…a spectacular meditation on the relationship between sound and atmosphere that gets better with each new release.


The music is unlike anything you’ve heard before. It is fresh, open, extreme yet very welcoming.

Paris Transatlantic

Quite how these gizmos function, or how they’re played, I couldn’t say, but he’s clearly mastered them, and is able to control their pale shuddering beauty with exemplary precision and enormous delicacy.