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Space (2006)

Space is the Space Program’s fundamental release, “an orchestral environment for electronic instruments”.
In its odd way it really swings.” (The Wire)

Staubgold (Berlin, Germany) staubgold 069 (CD, 2006)
Taiga (Minneapolis, MN, USA) TAIGA 1 (2LP, 2007)

Recorded during 2004 and 2005 at Noise Precision studio and live at Galeria zdb, Lisboa; Théatre de l’Usine, Genève; Odum, Chicago; Teatro Municipal, Guarda; Tonic, NYC (courtesy of Barry Weisblat); Point Ephèmere, Paris. Brass section recorded at Nascer do Som studio and at the pipe workshop, Lisboa
Mixed and mastered at Noise Precision, Portugal
Graphic design by Helder Luís at notype:
Typeface by Mário Feliciano: Stella, ©FTF 2000—2006
Photography by Daniel Malhão: Pó #7 (lambda print 125 x 250 cm), courtesy of the artist

diamond painting diy kits.


Rafael Toral: modified MS2 pocket amplifier feedback with light-controlled filter, amplified coil spring percussion, gloves and theremin-controlled computer sinewaves, theremin-controlled white noise generator, delayed feedback empty circuit with joystick-controlled filter modulation, joystick-controlled sawtooth pulse bass resonance, pure and filtered sawtooth oscillator pulses, random pulse width modulation oscillator
Fala Mariam: alto trombone
Sei Miguel: pocket trumpet