Space Elements Vol. III

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After a long wait, here is the new record! From Minneapolis, home of Taiga Records, we are celebrating the online release of Space Elements Vol. III, with a live performance featuring brilliant percussionist Davu Seru. The CD and LP will be available in a few weeks. Until then, you can get it as mp3 exclusively at this website.



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2 Brooklyn, NY
Issue Project Room
with Ben Hall (drums)


3 Boston, MA
Fleisenberg Loft
with Chris Corsano (drums)


4 Manhattan, NY
Experimental Intermedia Foundation
Space Studies 2, 6, 7


5 Baltimore, MD
Space Studies 2, 6, 7


6 Philadelphia, PA
Highwire Gallery
Space Studies 2, 6, 7


8 Minneapolis, MN
Franklin Art Works
with Davu Seru (percussion)


9 Chicago, IL
with Jim Baker (piano, synthesizer) and Steve Hunt (drums)


10-11 Chicago, IL
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Keynote and work with students


12 Chicago, IL
Heaven Gallery
with Darin Gray (double bass) and Michael Zerang (drums)


13 Detroit, MI
Destroy Compound
Space Studies 2, 6, 7


14 Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Somewhere There Gallery
Space Studies 2, 6, 7


17 Atlanta, GA
Space Studies 2, 6, 7


18 Ciudad de México (Mexico)
Laboratorio Arte Alameda
Space Studies 2, 6, 7


19 Ciudad de México (Mexico)
Centro Cultural de España
Space Studies 2, 6, 7


26 Paris (France)
INA-GRM - Festival Présences
with César Burago (percussion)


TAIGA Spotlight

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Foxy Digitalis posted a nice interview with Andrew Lange from TAIGA records — home of the Space Program's vinyl editions.
(Taiga logo was designed by Helder Luís, same who designed this website)

Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance

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Touch has just repressed long out-of-print Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance, often described as a "masterpiece" of guitar drone music. Originally released in 2001, it took 7 years to complete. It's now available again!


Space Collective 3

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Thursday, October 14 - Premiere of a new formation of Space Collective 3, which also marks a new stage of development in the Space Program:



Riccardo Dillon Wanke (Rhodes piano)

Afonso Simões (drums and tamtam)

Rafael Toral (modified amps, feedback, electrode oscillator and modular synth)


At Out.Fest, in Barreiro, Portugal

New Online release - Live in Bilbao (with Lee Ranaldo)

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In 2002, Lee Ranaldo invited me to join him as a duo for a concert at the MEM festival in Bilbao. At the time i was experimenting with the computer and loops, having briefly appeared for few times at chill-out environments. The instrument configuration i used in this concert is unique, i had never used it before and never did again. It was recorded on two separate minidiscs (one of them by Rui Gato, among the audience, the other from the desk). I synced and mixed them to bring out the best of each, yet the recording is still not ideal. I keep good memories of that concert, and it features Lee's distinctive poetry reading.

Space Study 7

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is now available at the Online Store.


"Bender tears at the surrounding space as savagely as a feeding shark" (Dusted)



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2010 Europe Tour Diary

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It's now online, in case you'd like to know more about it...



2010 Europe Tour

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Europe Tour 2010

Space Studies


Dürer Kert, Budapest (HU)


Rhiz, Vienna (A)


Eszeweria, Kraków (PL)


Instytut Awangardy, Warsawa (PL)


27 — 30
N.K., Berlin (D)



Ausland, Berlin (D)
Space Collective Berlin (premiere)



Der Salon, Hannover (D)



Lygten Station, Copenhagen (DK)


Musikcaféen, Århus (DK)


[Update venue]
Koloni @ Banehagsgatan 1, Göteborg (SE)



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Rethinking Electronic Music

The Space Program Workshop, an intensive 4-day practical introduction to the Space Program, is being launched. The first Workshop will take place in Berlin, at NK, May 27—30. There is a limit to 6 participants.

Read all the info here.


Sei Miguel no Jazz em Agosto

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A imprensa internacional, que de modo gradual mas unânime tem reconhecido o talento ímpar de Sei Miguel, gosta de citar Dan Warburton quando este o descreve como "o segredo mais bem guardado da nova música portuguesa". Com um percurso de mais de 25 anos, a influência da sua pedagogia é vasta entre os muitos músicos nacionais com que trabalhou em inúmeras formações. A sua visão singular, a sua enorme capacidade de trabalho (notável em composição e arranjo, para além exímio trompetista), o seu profundo conhecimento da história, formas e técnicas do jazz, são tão incontestadas como admiráveis. Um artista de mérito absolutamente único, não só em Portugal como no mundo inteiro.


É algo desconcertante e incompreensível o alheamento da programação do Jazz em Agosto, que nunca notou, ou quis notar, esta presença. Dir-se-ia que o Jazz em Agosto prefere que Sei Miguel continue a ser um "segredo bem guardado", mas tal é hoje tão praticável como tapar o Sol com uma peneira.


Rafael Toral
Lisboa, Abril de 2010


Video of Lee Ranaldo and Rafael Toral

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Recent concert at ZDB in Lisbon, in which i premiered use of gong and tamtam. Video by Pedro Maia


Space Elements Vol. II - Download available

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The new Space Elements Vol. II is now available for download at the Online Store.

Space Elements Vol. III is now under production.

No Noise Reduction - Free to subscribers

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Both No Noise Reduction albums, the complete No Noise Reduction (Redux) and On Air, long out of print, are now available here at Noise Precision Library Online Store, as Subscriber releases.

the complete No Noise Reduction (1995, above) is a collection of very short tracks, of which a redux version is released (some didn't really age well). It documents the intensely experimental period between 1990 and 1993, with my friend João Paulo Feliciano (whom i had then just met and after a long arch of time now appears playing Rhodes piano on Space Elements Vol. II).


On Air (1997) is a seminal recording, early precursor to many things in the Space Program. Entirely recorded in radio stations as live broadcasts, 1995.
No Noise Reduction was a name for the duo of João Paulo Feliciano and Rafael Toral, which carried on taking on other collaborative forms.

Space Elements Vol. II - OUT NOW

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The LP is available since March 30 (Taiga Records).
In Portugal it can be found at Trem Azul jazz store and Matéria Prima (very soon)

The CD is released April 16 (Staubgold).

You can listen to previews on the new record page.


Main edition is transparent, the special limited 100-copy edition is red.



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Jazz label Clean Feed has just released ESFÍNGICO, Sei Miguel's new CD, successor to The Tone Gardens (2006).



Sei Miguel (pocket trumpet)
Fala Mariam (alto trombone)
Rafael Toral (modulated resonance feedback circuit)
Pedro Lourenco (bass guitar)
César Burago (timbales, small percussion)


2010 - New subscription price

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January promotion is gone, but Online Store subscription price is now € 11,99.
New online releases in preparation, stay tuned...

2010 - January: Online Store Promotion

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Wishing you a great 2010 - here's a substantial price reduction on the Online Store Subscription:
€ 8,99
throughout January!
That's for 11 (eleven) albums so far, including the just released Electric Babyland Live!
Subscribe now and support this (expensive) sharing platform. Thanks!


NEW online RELEASE: Electric Babyland Live

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This is the only existing recording of the Electric Babyland Tour in 2002, four tracks selected and remastered.