Live in Minneapolis

New release, with drummer extraordinaire Davu Seru and Rafael Toral, in "a first meeting finding both musicians at their highest level". Recorded in Minneaplis in March 2011. Highly recommended peak…


  Space Collective 2 will perform at All Tomorrow's Parties curated by Jeff Mangum, on March 11. Rafael Toral – electronic instruments Afonso Simões – drums    

Chris Corsano + Rafael Toral in Non-Event podcast

Non-Event is a Boston area excellent team working on music. This downloadable podcast features an excerpt of the live Chris Corsano / Rafael Toral duo in March 2011, plus a…

Electrode Oscillator Solo

Rafael Toral – "Solo de oscilador de electrodos" from MPAGDP on Vimeo. PROJECTO 200 Gravado a 8 de Julho no Instituto Superior de Agronomia Realização: Tiago Pereira Som: Mistura de…

New Interview

A very recent interview by Jordan Anderson was just published at Foxy Digitalis.

Modular Synth sonogram

  Sonogram of an excerpt from the Modular Synthesizer Solo featured on the upcoming SPACE SOLO 2

Wigry — MIMEO new release

Just less than a week from MIMEO's upcoming concert at Musica Electronica Nova in Wroclaw, Wigry finally sees the daylight. A double LP recorded in a church, on a cold…

7 years of Space Program

In April 2011 the Space Program completes seven years. It's been a long road of intense research, learning, discovery and development. Space Elements Vol. III (a milestone in its recording…

Best of 2010

Space Elements Vol. II was considered one of the best records in 2010 by magazine.


Toronto label Medusa has just released "LIVE AT OUTFEST", a new cassette release with a live recording by the SPACE COLLECTIVE 3. Featuring Afonso Simões (drums) and Riccardo Dillon Wanke (rhodes piano). The…